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Alex Keeling

GIMP Plugin

I'm currently working on a simple Gimp plugin, mostly to learn more about how Gimp works under the hood.

VOIP Client for Interviews

Have you ever listened to an interview on the radio conducted over Skype? The audio quality is better than a telephone, but it can vary over the course of a conversation. Personally, I find the quality changes to be really distracting. My idea is to create a Voip program which records the undistorted local audio on each end of the conversation. When the conversation is over, each side would send the other their good quality audio over a reliable protocol like TCP.

Wall of Screens

I'd like to create an artwork consisting of a wall of monitors (something like sixteen or so) and a keyboard. You'd be able to interact with the installation by typing a word or phrase on the keyboard. Whenever a new term is entered, images associated with the term are searched for online, and are brought up on the screens. Various effects are applied to the images, perhaps on certain screens, and images pass between screens.

When I read through this description, it doesn't sound half as good as it looks in my head! I'll let you know if I get around to building this one.